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Sponsor/Exhibit at AFPEX 2024

Showcase your products and services at AFPEX – gain from a growing market in Africa & Globally

Become a Sponsor or exhibitor at Africa’s most influential trade event for the fresh produce industry to profit from excellent relevant attention, new business networks and high quality engagements with key decision makers from Kenya, Africa and globally.

Give your company and its brands new opportunities to network with your present target group and win over your future customers with your products and services at this regional trade show.

The Expo offers the opportunity to showcase a complete range of products or services – fresh produce products, machinery, cold chain, financial services, digital and processing technologies – better than any other event in the region.

Give your brand an edge by taking up one or more of the sponsorship opportunities at the Expo – sponsors not only receive branding opportunities before, during and after the expo, but also get bigger and more premium booth locations, speaking opportunities and aggressive social media and advertising campaigns by the organisers.

Why Sponsor/Exhibit at the Expo?


Network with farmers, distributors, pack houses, manufacturers, government agencies, industry associations and opinion leaders at the most critical fresh produce sector trade show in Kenya and Africa.


Launch your latest innovative products and services to the fresh produce industry at the Expo – create new vibe and inspirations in the marketplace that will resonate with your current and potential customers in the region.


Gain the competitive edge by showcasing your industry leadership in the fresh produce industry or in your specific area of focus or excellence at the conference and the Expo Hall.


Share your deep insights on the opportunities, new technologies and the future of the fresh produce industry in Kenya and Africa at large, including on such diverse topics such as farm management, disease and pest control, market development, sustainability, digitalisation and other topical issues at the conference sessions and at the Expo Hall


Receive extensive media coverage and reporting from our own magazines, websites and our social media platforms throughout the year and gain further insights and industry outreach across Africa and beyond.

What's On Show at the Expo?

Fresh Produce Market

The MarketPlace for Africa and World’s Fresh Produce Trading

The Fresh Produce Market brings a diverse variety of fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices from different parts of Africa and the World to a local. regional and global audience . . .

  • Fresh fruits 
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Herbs and spices
  • Nuts such as macadamia, hazelnuts, Brazilian nuts, walnut, cashew nuts, pecan nuts etc
  • Processed and packaged fruit, vegetable, herbs, spices, nuts and more
  • Breeding and propagations nurseries and related services
  • Organic and certified specialty products

Logistics & Mobility

The Technologies that Facilitate Fresh Produce Trade

The Logistics & Mobility section brings together under one roof all the key players that offer transportation and logistics from farm to pack house, to markets, plus cold chain for retailers, packers and e-commerce . . . 

  • Shipping, aviation and trucking solutions and auxiliary services such as clearing and forwarding etc
  • Climate control, air conditioning solutions and preservation technologies
  • Climate controlled, isothermal and refrigerated containers for fresh produce handling and transport.
  • Warehousing and facility management services for fresh produce and other agricultural products
  • Temperature measurement and control systems for cold chain and ambient storage, transport and retail.
  • Refrigerated transport and cold chain equipment for road, sea, and air transportation.
  • Cold chain and mobility technologies & automation solutions.
  • Cold and chilled facilities and temperature control equipment for retail of fresh produce and food products.
  • Transport solutions for food-delivery and food e-commerce.
  • Other related services.

Machinery & Technology

Facilitators of Value Addition & Digitalisation of Fresh Produce Industry

The Machinery & Technology section brings together under one roof all the key players that offer the technologies that transform fresh produce into higher value products and facilitate the digitalisation of the industry throughout the value chain . . . 

  • Storage and processing technologies such as for peeling, drying, cutting, weighing, sorting and cooking or processing fresh produce 
  • Packaging and shelf-life extension technologies – packers, loaders, packaging materials, coating systems, conveyors etc
  • Ingredients and chemicals utilised in the value addition of fresh produce 
  • Cultivation and farming technologies, machinery and implements: irrigation systems, planting machines, harvesting machines
  • Quality control, laboratory testing and other tools to enhance quality and safety of fresh produce
  • Greenhouse and other infrastructure for fresh produce farming operations
  • Digital technologies for tracking and facilitating fresh produce business – ERPs, robots, automation technologies etc
  • Other related services.

Agro-Inputs & Chemicals

The Technologies that Facilitate Fresh Produce Farming

The Agro-Inputs & Chemicals section brings together under one roof all the key players that offer the inputs that improve productivity, improve efficiency and reduce costs in the fresh produce farming value chain . . . 

  • Certified seeds and other planting materials
  • Fertilisers and other crop-enhancing inputs
  • Crop protection chemicals
  • Liming and acidifying agents
  • Soil conditioners
  • Biological control solutions
  • Cleaning and sanitation chemicals
  • Other related services.

Services & More

The Services that Enable the Fresh Produce Industry to Thrive

The Services & More section brings together under one roof all the key functions that improve efficiency, reduce risks and build capacity of the fresh produce sector . . .

  • Financial and insurance services
  • Training, consultancy and certification services
  • Laboratory and quality testing services
  • Inventory control, accounting and Internet services
  • Marketing, distribution and sales services
  • E-commerce and digital services
  • Market research and related services
  • Trade development, industry association and lobbying services
  • Other related services.